Some of Nan's Family

My husband, Walter Bankes

My stepson Steven Bankes

My stepdaughter, Stacy Bankes

Niece and nephew, Pat and Ed Lewis - Denver, CO.

Nephew and niece, Ryan and Meaghan Sands

nieces, Matea, Jeannette, and Patti Mastoianni

Nan, Marion, Karen and Polly

Nan, Marion, Karen and Polly

Peter, Walt, Joe

Sister, Karen Sands

Niece, Amanda Rose - Salina, KS, my brother Henry Roses's daughter.

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Nan C. Schaller
Rochester Institute of Technology
Computer Science Department
102 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623-5608
telephone: +1.585.475.2139
fax: +1.585.475.7100
18 March 1999