The Spectrum Applet

This applet demonstrates how a spectrum is related to the perceived color.

To see SPECTRUM APPLET in action you need Java-enabled browser Drag the mouse over the spectrum to modify it.

Each point on the spectrum represents the relative value of the power distribution at the particular wavelength.

As the spectrum is modified, the corrensponding CIE X,Y,Z primaries are updated automatically. The resulting color is shown as a solid rectangle under the X,Y,Z values. For more details, click here.

Note: For some spectra the (X,Y,Z) triplets may produce R, G or B values that are either greater than 1 or less than 0. Since the resulting color is a sum of the R,G, B components, such spectra do not have adequate RGB representation, and the resulting color is labelled as "Invalid RGB...". Note: this may happen quite often.