The Chromaticity Diagram and Color Gamut Applet

This applet introduces the notions of chromaticity diagrams and color gamuts.

To see CHROMATICITY APPLET in action you need a Java-enabled browser. You may create a three-point gamut on the chromaticity diagram. To do so,
point and click with the mouse on three different locations within the diagram.
This will create a triangular gamut.

Below the diagram is a proportional mixer control, that enables you to additively mix colors of the gamut vertices in various proportions to produce a mixture. The initial proportion is set to 1/3 for each of the three values. To operate the mixer, simply drag a slider or click on any colored strip.

As you operate the mixer, the resulting color is displayed below the diagram as a solid rectangle and the color's position is indicated on the chromaticity diagram by the marker.

An interesting property of the chromaticity diagram is that for any gamut (not only triangular) an additive mixture of the vertices' colors always lies inside the gamut. Note: The marker is confined within the gamut.