Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #10, May 10, 2000 - Part Ia
Singapore Botanical Gardens



It was a gray, rainy day when we visited the Singapore Botanical Garden, but that didn't really detract from it's loveliness.


We spent most of our time in with the orchids.  It seemed really strange to see them growing naturally outside.  Most bouquets in hotels and restaurants have orchids in them.  We visited an orchid farm in Malaysia that we were told was the worlds largest exporter of orchids.


There isn't much to say besides feast your eyes!


We both took several photos of the ones on the right.


The orchids on the left reminded us of pansies.

There was also a section devoted to bromeliads.


Also seen here on the right.  The flower on the left looked like it was of the bird of paradise family and was HUGE!


This plant's flower also bore a resemblance to a bird of paradise.  It seemed to spread downwards and outwards.  The left photo shows some just getting started while the right are much longer.


While many orchids grew outside without special protection (see the canopy of tiny yellow ones on the right where Walt is walking), there was a somewhat protected area that was very attractively set up.

Of general interest might be these VERY tall trees;  the roots themselves are half as tall as I am!

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10 May 2000