Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
August 2, 2000 Report

The Final Episode - Part IV

San Francisco

Our next hop was three time zones closer to home.  Unfortunately, Nan was sick by the time we reached there, so we did relatively little.  It was also here that we had our first very unpleasant experience of our trip with Payless Rental Car.  Nan had booked a car for the three days that we were to be there at $20/day.  Not only did this Payless franchise require that you carry your home car insurance policy with you and that you be named on the top of the policy, but they required that you sign a blank credit card receipt and turn over to them.  After two hours of non service and these hassles, we headed back to the airport and rented from Avis for four times as much.  We would truly recommend that you NOT consider using Payless, at least in the San Francisco area.

We did visit a couple of former R.I.T. students, Mike Brodesky and Stephen Siener.  Both are doing so well that they can afford to own houses IN San Francisco!  It was great to see both of them.

Walt did visit the Hiller Air Museum while Nan tried to recuperate. Walt said that it was a small museum but very interesting as they also had replicas of several pre-airplane air machines; some of which flew and others that did not.

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