Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #7, January 13, 2000
Part III - Visit to Leuven, Belgium

Before we left Bristol, Alan Chalmers told us about a physically based rendering senminar to be held on December 15 at the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium which is less than two hours from Eindhoven. We met most of the crew from Bristol there and stayed at the Professor Hotel (appropriate?) right in the center of town across the street from the city hall shown above. The rooms were all right but the place was awfully smoky from the extremely well-frequented bar downstairs.

It was a challenge to actually drive to the Professor as the town is very old and filled with narrow one-way streets - definitely NOT car friendly. It is virtually impossible to drive to the front door of the hotel. After having gone around the "block" four or five times in the pouring rain trying to find a way there, Walt decided to make an illegal turn for the last 30 feet. The police were right behind him, but they were very kind and let him go with his promise that he would not try to PARK in front of the hotel. :-)

Belgium is famous for the beer. Alan Chalmers, Ann McNamara and Katerina Mania (some of the Bristol contingent) obviously are enjoying theirs.


And, we got to have a little winter. Above you can see the old market sqare and Walt visiting with The Landlady early the next morning. Winter actually delayed the start of the seminar!

The seminar, which was excellent, was held in the Arenberg Castle whose grounds house part of the university.

This is the inside of the castle on the day we were there.

It became very pretty later in the day. Here is the front of the castle taken from the point of view of the water mill next door.

And here is the water mill from the other side.

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13 January 2000