19981 Scavenger Hunt - Sections 3 & 6

Name:_______________________________________     Section Number:____________________

This scavenger hunt is designed to familiarize you first hand with some of the resources available to you on campus. You may work alone in completing this, or travel around campus with a partner. , i.e., each of you must turn in a completed form. For each resource, there is a question you must answer and one or more signatures to obtain, so you'll need to ask some questions or pick up literature (then read it) at each location. Bring this completed form to me on or before our First Year Seminar class of Tuesday, September 29, 1998.

  1. Learning Development Center, Building 01 (Eastman), Room 2309. (X6682)

  2. How you would go about getting help with mathematics if you need it?

    Signature of Receptionist ____________________________

  3. Math Tutoring Lab, Building 08, Room 2365. Hours are: Monday-Thursday, 4 - 6 P.M. (X2498)

  4. What kinds of problems in math can you get help on here?

    Signature of a faculty member working in the lab ____________________________

  5. Ombudsman Office, RITreat in Student Alumni Union, Room 1110. (X7200)

  6. What is something  that you might go to the ombudsman for help with?

    Dr. Tubb's or Receptionist's Signature ____________________________

  7. Counseling Center, the Student Life Center. (X2261)

  8. Describe one service available at the center.

    Signature of Receptionist ____________________________

  9. Special Services, Building 01-2378 . (X2832)

  10. Determine if you can be a member(circle one). yes/no
    If "yes", what is one service you are eligible for?

    Signature of Receptionist ____________________________

  11. John Kester, Computer Science Librarian, first floor, Room 1424, Wallace Memorial Library. JOHN's REFERENCE DESK HOURS: Monday 2:30-3:30 P.M., Tuesday 3:30-6:00 P.M., Wednesday 3:30-4:30 P.M., Thursday 8:30-11:30 A.M. (X2238)

  12. What is one service John can provide for you?

    John's Signature_____________________________

  13. Visit the Computer Science Student Services Office, meet the staff, and have one of them sign below. This is where you would make an appointment to talk to your advisor (Hank Etlinger). Building 10 (Ross). Room A221. (X2288)

  14. What is one reason why you would want to see your  advisor?

    CS Office Staff or Hank Etlinger's Signature_____________________________

  15. See your computer science course (typically CS1 or CS2) lecture instructor during his/her office hour.

  16. What are your instructor's office hours for this quarter?

    Instructor's Signature_____________________________

  17. See programming Teaching Assistants, Ming Cao, Gary Passero, or Gary Randolph during office hours (posted outside their office), Building 10 (Ross), Room A179.

  18. What are their weekend office hours?

    Ming's or Gary's Signature_____________________________

  19. See a lab assistant in a computer science lab..

  20. What is one reason that you might want to see a lab assistant?

    Lab Assistant's Signature_____________________________

  21. Financial Aid Office, Building 77 (Bausch & Lomb Bldg): (X2186)

  22. Will you have to reapply for financial aid for next year (assuming you are getting some now)?

    Your financial aid advisor's name_____________________________

    Signature of financial aid staff member___________________________

  23. For Women Only: Women's Resource Center. (A454, lower level Student Union) (open Monday - Friday, 10 A.M.-noon) (X7464)

  24. What kinds of information/services are available here?

    Staff's Signature _______________________

September 7, 1998
Nan Schaller