19981 Syllabus for 101-06

Instructor:	Nan Schaller 
Office:		10-1182 

Office Hours:	3-5 MW or by appointment (Phone: 475-2139) 
E-mail:		ncs@cs.rit.edu or ncsics@rit.edu 
URL:		http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ncs/, 


  1. Provide first year students with an opportunity to develop socially and personally.
  2. Provide first year students with stronger communication and small group project skills.
  3. Provide first year students with an increased awareness of RIT academic and student services.
  4. Provide first year students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of career options and ethical issues in the computer science field.


19/808-2355Overview/Group Communication
29/15Red Barn 
510/612-3215Career Day
610/1312-3215Preregistration Info/LDC
810/2708-2355Team Building

This course is a failure without your attendance and participation! Therefore your grade is based completely on attendance and participation. Implied in "attendance and participation" is that:

  1. You come to our class meeting area on time.
  2. You participate in our activities.
  3. You e-mail me your journal entries by Friday evening each week.
  4. You turn in all outside assignments on time.

You start this course with an A! You are allowed to have NO unexcused absences in the quarter and still keep that A. One unexcused absences will result in a B. Two unexcused absences will result in a C. I will use my judgement on what to do on more than this. An excused absence is one which results because you are ill (a note from student health/doctor is required) or because there is a death in your family (again, the appropriate documentation is required).

Outside assignments will be worth a letter grade as well; so, if you do not hand them in, your letter grade will go down.

E-mailing in at least 80% of your journal entries; so, if you do not do so, your letter grade will go down.

So, to reiterate: If you come to every class (9 classes), participate in each class, turn-in your outside assignments on time, and turn in at least 80% of your journal entries, your grade for the course will be: A. If you miss one class, do not hand in an outside assignment on time, or don't e-mail me at least 80% of your journal entries, your grade will be: B. If you miss two or more classes (and/or do not hand in an outside assignment on time or do your journal entries), your grade will be: C or D or F (I will decide which is fair!).


If you have any concerns or questions, you may call me at 475-2139 (Ext. 2139 if you are living on campus) or stop by my office, Building 10 (Ross Memorial Hall, the Computer Science building), room 1182. My office hours are from 3-5 on Monday and Wednesday. That is the time that you can be guaranteed I will be in my office.

I look forward to getting to know you this year.

Nan C. Schaller
Rochester Institute of Technology
Computer Science Department
102 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623-5608
telephone: +1.585.475.2139
fax: +1.585.475.7100
e-mail: ncs@cs.rit.edu
September 13, 1998