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570/761 Programming Assignment 3 Grade Sheet

Demonstrates an understanding of modeling in 3D
At least 5 3D objects in model (10 points)_________
Demonstrates an understanding of the 3D viewing model
Use of at least two non-default camera coordinates (10 points)_________
Demonstrates an understanding of how to create animation
Using Rotation (glRotate)(10 points)_________
Using Scaling (glScale) (10 points)_________
Using Translation (glTranslate) (10 points)_________
Can the viewer easily determine that such animations are taking place?_________
Does "animation" occur without continual user input?_________
Demonstrates an understanding of the use of callback functions
glutMouseFunc (10 points)_________
glutMotionFunc or glPassiveMotion (10 points)_________
glutIdleFunc (This should do more than just call glutPostRedisplay) (10 points)_________
Other Considerations
program design (5 points)_________
internal documentation (5 points)_________
graphical output complexity (10 points)_________
Submittal Specifications (- points only)
Makefile (1 point)_________
no executable files (1 point)_________
target named lab3 (1 point)_________
executable named lab3 (1 point)_________
directory lab3dir (1 point)_________
Total points earned_________
Maximum grade due to lateness_________

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