FAQ for Programming Assignment 3

  1. Can I import a model I've developed elsewhere?

    I'd prefer that you create your model using openGL directly, but will allow use of GLU (and GLUT teapot) routines for creating 2D objects. You can also seek special permission by showing me what you have in mind.

  2. When I enable depth buffering nothing gets drawn to the screne. Why?

    There are many reasons this might happen:

  3. When you are saying: "Use mouse button control to decide the speed and "direction" of the animation." How should the speed be controlled?

    This can be determined using the GlutMotionFunc. See the demo2.c code.

  4. I'm having trouble scaling and translating. Please help.

    Well, this is hardly enough to go on! But, there are several things that affect your image and must be considered:

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