761 Requirements for Termpaper - 20041

The following paragraphs describe the requirements for the paper. Please note that your paper will not be returned.

  1. Topic. This paper shall be a review and discussion (e.g., compare, contrast, add your own opinion) of some recent topic in computer graphics. It should include reference to at least two papers published within the last 5 years (1999 or later) from reputable technical journals (e.g., IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, ACM Transactions on Graphics) or proceedings from related conferences (e.g., SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Course Notes, Eurographics). Note that books or chapters from books do not satisfy this requirement. You must register your topic with me by Monday, September 20: To register, you must submit a title, a short abstract, a bibliography, and tell me which electronic tool you will be using to write your paper, e.g., word. The bibliography must include at least the papers you are planning to discuss. All of the above must be typewritten. An incomplete list of possible topics includes

  2. Grading. My evaluation of your paper will, to some extent, be subjective. However, there are certain eternal verities. Good style and correct use of the English language are required; you will lose points for a poorly organized paper. However, it is the technical content that will be weighed most heavily. Your paper must not be a mere summary or a restatement of the discussions in your references. You must, at the very least, compare and contrast them in the light of the topic you have selected. It is your responsibility to fill your paper with information and to convince me, with as much evidence as possible, that you have thought hard and constructively about your topic.

  3. Library. If you have trouble locating materials, please request help from Roman Koshykar (X5-2238, rgkwml@rit.edu), the computer science librarian.

  4. Quantity. The paper should be exactly long enough to say what needs to be said, but no longer. It is hard to say anything substantive in less than ten (10) pages. On the other hand, unless you write extremely well, I will quickly become bored after the fifteenth (15th) page.

  5. Format. Your paper must be typewritten, either on a typewriter or a printer. The paper must be double-spaced and must have margins of approximately one inch on all sides. Pages must be numbered. The paper must have a cover page stating the title of the paper, your name, the course name, the quarter, my name, and the due date.

    Any of the ``standard'' bibliography formats will be acceptable, e.g.

    ---- book ----

    [BOND76] BONDY, J. A., and MURTY, U. S. R.. Graph Theory with Applications. North Holland, N.Y., 1976.
    ---- paper ----
    [FORD56] FORD, L. R. Jr. and FULKERSON, D. R.. Maximal flow through a network. Canad. Jour. Math., 8 (1956), 399-404.

  6. DUE DATE: This paper is due at beginning of class Wednesday, November 10(last class). Papers will not be accepted after that time; you may, however, hand them in earlier. NOTE: Copies of the papers used in your bibliography should be turned in along with the completed paper and an electronic version should be submitted to
    submit -v ncs-grd 761paper Your_paper
    Your paper will be checked for plagerism!

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