570/761 Programming Assignment 3

Due: Sunday, October 24, 2004


The purpose of this programming assignemnt is to provide


You are to write an application program which minimally uses the OpenGL API to try the following:

Output Format:

What you "draw" is up to you, but please make it interesting enough that you'll enjoy adding material properties, lighting, textures and fog to it for the final programming assignment.


  1. You might find the source code in usr/local/pub/ncs/graphics/OpenGL/ExamplesLab3/ interesting.
  2. I will add to this as I think of things.

What to submit

You are to submit a directory called lab3dir using the following command:

submit -v ncs-grd cg1lab3 lab3dir

where lab3dir contains your application program lab3.c, a Readme file, if pertinent, and a makefile. I should be able to type

make PROG=lab3

to compile your application program's source file(s) and create a UNIX executable lab3, which is to be created by linking your application program with the OpenGL and GLUT libraries.

If you choose to use C++, instead of C, please be sure to include a Makefile which has been modified to meet the specifications above.


  1. You are expected expected to use the names Readme, lab3dir, and lab3 as specified above. As I am using scripts to help with the grading process, failure to do so is annoying and you will be suitably awarded! :-)
  2. You are expected to include a Makefile and it should function as specified above.
  3. Your directory should only include the source files, any header files that you have created, a Readme file and a Makefile, i.e., please remove any backup files, executables, etc. before submitting.


Your overall programming assignemnt grade will be based on the following: demonstration that you know how to use the required routines, the complexity (how interesting) of graphical output, internal documentation, and program design. The gradesheet I will use can be viewed here.

When I begin grading your submittal, if there are any problems, I will send you e-mail and you must then resubmit within 24 hours. Incorrect submittals are subject to penalties!

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