532/736 Research Report Session

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You will work with a partner to lead a 50 minute discussion on a topic relevant to parallel computing. As such, you will choose reading material and prepare a presentation on a topic of your choice, subject, of course, to my approval. Your partner will prepare a list of discussion questions that will serve to indicate the points for the readers to focus on. A written report on the topic will be required and will be due Wednesday, May 5.


: The following is a non-inclusive list of possible research areas.


It will be your team's task to lead a 50 minute discussion on the topic you are researching. You will plan at least a one half hour presentation of the material. This presentation should be throrough and in depth. One week prior to your presentation: You should be prepared to answer questions from the class, and be prepared to lead a discussion on the topic. Your team's presentation and discusiion questions will be graded both by the instructor and by an aggagate of critiques by your peers.


: You are to write an 8 - 10 page research report based on the material that you used in preparing your presentation. The primary basis for this report will consist of at least three (3) sources (journal or conference proceedings articles/textbooks/web reports) dated 1999 or later. At least one source must be a journal article or an article from a conference proceedings. In general, papers from hobbyist magazines are NOT acceptable as main sources.

The paper should have a cover page and is to be typed using double spacing, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins. Pages should be numbered. I will keep the reports that you hand in, but copies will be distributed to your colleagues in the class.

Your topic must be approved by me. To ensure this, you will turn in a short, typed topic proposal via e-mail (or hardcopy) that includes a bibliography by Sunday, March 21. (See http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ncs/Courses/532/TopicProposal.html   for more details.) If you have trouble locating materials, please request help from Linette Koren (X5-6123, lxkwml@rit.edu), the computer science librarian. I will approve the proposals and/or resolve any issues with them on an individual basis.

Your report will be graded on the basis of technical merit and English composition. Some of the important qualities to be considered are:

Technical merit:

English Composition:

March 8, 2004