532/736 Programming Assignment 2 - 20033

Due Dates: Sunday, April 18, 2004; Sunday, May 2, 2004; Sunday, May 16, 2004; and Monday, May 17

To parallelize an existing production code to improve its performance.


CONTIN is a program, written in FORTRAN 66, that can be used to invert data represented by linear algebraic or integral equations, such as inverse Laplace Transforms. Professor Joseph Hornak of the Imaging Science Department would like to use this program to analyze several images on a pixel_by_pixel basis. This program takes quite some time to execute to complete the analysis for a single pixel. Your team's task is to help improve the performance of this package!

What Will Be Required:

This page will be continually evolve as we progress and will be updated accordingly, but your group will minimally:

  1. Maintain a web list of items that your team has taken responsibility for and their current status. This is to be minimally updated BEFORE each class! See http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ncs/Courses/532/contin/ToDo.html
  2. Maintain a timeline of what you expect to do when.
  3. Maintain a diary of your team's contributions to the project. What were the issues you encountered? How did you overcome them?
  4. Maintain a list of things that you learned from working on this project.

What to Submit:

Your team will electronically submit a directory called lab3dir using the following command:

submit -v ncs-grd PC2lab2a lab2dir (April 18)

submit -v ncs-grd PC2lab2b lab2dir (May 2)

submit -v ncs-grd PC2lab2c lab2dir (May 16)

This directory will contain

NOTE: The list of tasks and the lists of things to hand in may change as the project progress.

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