Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #5, October 14, 1999


September 16

Paying close attention to the weather forecasts, we decided to make our first trip on a day that was reported to be partly cloudy.

After arriving at Charing Cross Station, almost the first thing I saw was a store that had many of the coveted Beanies. Alas, the owners knew it and were charging appropriately. It was my first sighting of Britannia in person!

By the way, I have a theory about weather forecasts in England. In order to not be depressing, there always must be at least one day in the next 5 whose forecast is for minimally partly cloudy! It may never materialize, but what the heck! We did have probably FOUR(!!!) sunny weeks out of the six that we were here, so I really cannot complain.


One of the things on Walt's to-do list was to take a Thames River boat tour, so the shots above and below are from that trip. We'd had sun all the way into London, however as we got on the boat it became grayer and grayer and just as we took off, it began to rain. (It is England, after all!) Here are some shots of the Tower of Big Ben and Westminster.


Part of London's Y2K celebration involves building the Millennium Wheel. You can see it above on the left. Minor problem: The Millenium Wheel Fails to Rise. Latest reports do have it on its way up. Sunday's paper reported it at about 67 degrees.

On the right, is Shakespeare's Globe Theater. Well, not really Shakespeare's, but ... Here are a couple of more links that might be of interest (Globe Theater, Globe Theater).


Here we see the Tower Bridge and our first sighting of St. Paul's Cathedral's Dome.


The rain continued as we finished our boat tour so we decided to head to St. Paul's Cathedral. The Cathedral inside was a bit disappointing until we climbed to the dome. Here are some views from outside the dome...

including a couple of 180 degree panoramas.

September 28


The weather was a LOT more cooperative on the 28th. Here we see the Tower Bridge again and the Tower of London (more links: Tower of London, Tower of London, Tower of London).

Walt toured the HMS Belfast (more links: HMS Belfast History, HMS Belfast, HMS Belfast) while I tried to shop. I really had trouble finding any shops that I wanted to spend any time in anywhere near. I even tried a couple of "shopping centers".

This panorama was taken from the bridge of the Belfast.


Here's another shot from the ship and another of the skyline nearby. We also toured the Tower Bridge before we headed home. Neat!

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