Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #5, October 14, 1999



We had lots of plans for things to do when we visited Dover but we really only toured Dover Castle (lots more links: Dover Castle, Dover Castle, Dover Castle, Dover Castle, Dover Castle). It was much more extensive than we'd expected. To the right is the view of the Dover Harbor from the entrance to the Secret War Time Tunnels, which played a large part in the defense of Britain, including the evacuation for troops from France. On a clear day, you can see France across the Channel from the cliffs.


Here we see a lighthouse that is first century Roman in origin plus a view of the church door from inside the lighthouse.


We're on the roof of the keep which is quite extensive in its own right. We can see the lighthouse again ...


and hopefully gain an appreciation for how extensive the grounds are.


Besides the war time tunnels, there are other tunnels that date to medieval times with elaborate systems for checking out "who goes there" and the ability to be flooded if the walls are breached.


The White Cliffs to the west and to the east from the Admiral's Lookout.

We ended our visit with tea at the tea house across the market square to the left of the fountain. The castle is visible on the hill.

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