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AddALL book search and price comparison
Bob Stout's SNIPPETS
Computer Science as a Profession
Computer Science Teaching Center
CS Dept. NSF-Supported Education Infrastructure Project /
Computing Curricula 1991
Curriculum Resources for Graphics in Computer Science Departments
Developing Educational Standards: Overview
ethical issues in CS
The F-CPU Project
A List of Courses in Automata and Formal Models
gEDA (GNU Electronic Design Automation)
The HTML Web Classroom
Java Curricular Opportunities
Machine Learning (W4771)
Machine Learning - Project Othello
Mallard Nestpage
N Queens Applet (Pace)
The 8-queens problem
The Eight-Queens Puzzle
Pedagogical Patterns
Pointer Fun Video
Programming in BlackBox materials
Society for Technical Communication
VRC Home Page
Software Engineering Apprentice Project
Software Engineering Education
Teaching Curve and Surface Design in Computer Graphics and Related Courses
Tower of Hanoi Applet - Fwu-Shan Shieh, Auburn, AL
Towers of Hanoi | by Rodin Enchev
The N Queens Page
TowersOfHanoi (v1)
UML Web Site (Sinan Si Alhir)
Some Unix commands
Teaching Evaluation
Unix Programming Tools
SMV Symbolic Model Checker Free Download
Hanoi Java Applet
Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences Project Homepage! - the open source language toolkit
VRC Home Page


Gudrun Achtenhagen
Joseph Bergin - Home Page
Barbara Boucher Owens -- Home Page
Jack Bresenham
Fred Brooks
Erik Demaine

Algorithm Animations

Animation Aided Problem Solving (Eliot, Jeliot, Excel Animations)
Web Based Visualization
The Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations
Sort Algorithm Animator Applet


Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Computing Review Classification System
WML recent CS acquisitions

Books and Publishers

Library Guides - Citation Style Guides for Internet/Electronic Sources
SIGGRAPH Bibliography Database Search
Addison Wesley Longman
Book Project
Books: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Home Page
Computer Science
Eurographics Books Series
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Comp Copy Form
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Web Site
The MIT Press
Simon & Schuster
Springer WienNewYork Series
Prentice Hall
The PWS Publishing Company
WWW Journal Homepage

Computational Science

Computational Science Highlights (SDSC)
Computational Science Resources (Oregon)

Courses and Courseware

MIT OpenCourseWare
Rethinking CS101: Innovations in Introductory Computer Programming (MIT)
Ceilidh on the World Wide Web (links to courses as well) (Nottingham)
C Programming Course (Cardiff)
GNA Course: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Barbara Owens C++ Course (St. Edwards)
Computing Courses on the Web (A list from the UK CSDN)
Computational Geometry (Curtin Univ. of Tech., Australia)
Computing Math Lecture Notes (Cardiff)
Computer Science Courses On-line Teaching and Learning (Yahoo)
CS Java Style (SUNY Oswego)
CS 451: Formal Methods (SUNY Buffalo)
CS 275 Lab Manual (Algorithms, Structures and Abstractions I) (Oberlin College)
CS 280 Lab Manual (Algorithms, Structures and Abstractions II) (Oberlin College)
CS 490W: Science and Engineering of the World Wide Web (Purdue) XXX
Computer Science Survey (Univ. of Miss.)
Current CSC and CPE Courses on the Web (CalPoly)
Graphics Courses on-line (My Computer Graphics Page)
National Science Foundation Computer Science Courseware Repository (GSU)
National Science Foundation
WebCT Courses (need acct and passwd) (Univ. of Br. Columbia)
Multimedia Courseware for Computer Science Education (GA Tech)
Welcome to Object Orientation CT 591 (Curtin Univ. of Tech., Australia)
Parallel Computing Courses on-line (My Parallel Computing Page)
Purdue Computer Sciences Course Syllabi
CPS 108, Software Design and Implementation (Duke)
CS 23, Software Design and Implementation (Dartmouth)
CS32, Introduction to Software Engineering (Brown)
Temple U. A List of Introductory Computer and Information Science Courses
Tools for Developing Interactive Academic Web Courses (U. of Manitoba)
Online Educational Delivery Applications: a web tool for comparative analysis
The WWW: Origins and Beyond (Univ. of PA)
World Lecture Hall - Computer Science
Yahoo Computer Science Courses
ZD Net University


IEEE CG&A Special Edtion on Computer Graphics Education
Education and Training XXX
The Comprehensive Distance Education List of Resources
July 1997 Dearing Report on higher education in the UK


Moss, A System for Detecting Software Plagiarism (Berkeley)
Ethical Issues in Computing (Wheaton College)

Internet and WWW

Alchemy Mindworks, Inc - SOFTWARE, BOOKS AND OTHER RESOURCES (including animated gifs)
CUI's Searchable Catalog
Metronet's Web Resources
HTML Goodies Domain Home Page
Creative Good Web Help Center
HTML Quick Reference Guide
HTML 4.0 Specification
Writing HTML Tutorial - Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
Net Tips for Writers and Designers by Dave Siegel
RIT Web Developer's Page
Special Internet Connections
WebBrowsing and Authoring Tools
WebMaster's Page by Bob Allison
WWW Tools & Places
WWW Worm searchable index
WWW Worm searchable index
The WWW Virtual Library: Computing

Java Teaching Tools

Java and Web based Algorithm Animation (Duke)
JSAMBA -- Java version of the SAMBA Animation Program (GA Tech)
Visual and Interactive Tools (Duke)
Concurrent Programming Using Java (Hartley/Drexel)
Java related WWW sites
Addison Wesley Java Slides


Programmer's Heaven

AP C++
C Programming Course (Cardiff)
Introduction to the C Programming Languag (NZ))
Absolute Beginner's C Course
C as Second Language
Object-Oriented Programming and C++ in the Computer Science Curriculum
C++ for C Programmers
C++ Site
GNA Course: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++ (MIT)
Eiffel Manuals
A Directory of Eiffel Classes
The Java Language Specification (Sun)
Java Language Course
Java as primary language
Perl reference materials
Learning Prolog (Sheffield U., UK)
Programmer's Oasis
The Stinky Programming Language (Columbia)


Australian Computer Science Academic Personal Database
CSAB Accreditation
Denning's Testimony
Computer Science Education-Resources
Moss: A System for Detecting Software Plagiarism (Berkeley)
Computer Science Study in the United States
WWW Computer Architecture Home Page
Open CS faculty positions
University Video Communications


Computer Science Education Research at GW
Computer Science Research Index


Computer Science Departments and Labs
College and University Home Pages
Department of Teleinformatics, KTH
Schools that offer Computer Graphics in Computer Science
The WWW Virtual Library: Computing: University Computer Science Departments
Tardis Home Page - Union College
University on line


Crossroads, the international ACM student magazine
ACM Electronic Graduate Assistantship Directory (GAD)
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server
SIGCSE Bulletin

Other Sites

BURKS 3 - The Brighton University REsource Kit for Students
AI Education Repository
Computer Science Discipline Network (UK)
Computer Science Resources (UK)
Computer Science Education Links
Rainer Joswig's Computer Science Page
Rainer Blome's Computer Science Page
Tutorial Sites XXX
Yahoo Computer Science Site
The WWW Virtual Library - Computing


Java Package Documentation (SUNY Oswego)
SunSoft Java Workshop Suite
World Wide Web Course Tool (University of British Columbia)


Sinan Si Alhir's UML Web Site

Women in Computer Science

TAP: The Ada Project
Minerva's Machine: Women and Computing A Documentatry Feature
Women Undergrads in Computer Science

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
CRA Committee on the Status of Women in Computer Science and Engineering
CRPC GirlTECH Home Page

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