Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
August 2, 2000 Report

The Final Episode - Part I

Western Australia (Continued)

As our stay in Western Australia quickly drew to an end, we felt we had to make some "walk-abouts".  We'd been enjoying the weather and activities in Perth and had not ventured beyond there much.  For the most part, even on our "walk-abouts", we did not feel much like we were out of the United States except for a little when we were on the road,


but even then, some things are still the same all over! :-)  (Notice that the kangaroo sign has been peppered with shot.)

In the rainy season, which luckily we missed, there can be a lot of flooding in the outback, so we saw lots of  signs like these.


Notice the depth of the indicators...that's 4 meters, folks, more than 12 feet!

The highways around Perth are quite normal although not many have four lanes.  In the outback, however, and
wherever the roads aren't heavily traveled, they are ONE lane as shown above.  And, look how fast Walt is driving!


Here are more views of the single lane highway.  This is a main east west highway through Western Australia. Notice though that there are wide, well graded berms on both sides. These are used for passing - a dusty experience.


However, when the visibility diminishes, the road is widened.  See the top of the hill on the left.  The photo on the right shows a recently improved road.

Come join us on our "walk-abouts" to

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