Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
August 2, 2000 Report

The Final Episode - Part Ia

Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island lays a little off the coast of Australia, near Perth.  It's name came from the Dutch who thought these quokka's (marsupials) which were plentiful at that time were rats!

It was a cool fall morning when we road our bicycles to the docks to catch the ferry for a day trip to the island.


The ferry ride started not far (15 minute bicycle ride) from our door and proceeded down stream, affording us some lovely views of Perth.


We also passed the old brewery which we'd bicycled by earlier.  This is being made into an upscale condos and shopping area.  And, later passed the H.M.S. Ovens, the Oberon class submarine, that Walt had visited as part of his trip to the Maritime Museum.


But, it didn't stay cool for long!

We bicycled about 20 miles around a good part of the island. The island has a lot of sand dunes and there are stopping off points that we visited along the way, such as the light house above.


And coves and shipwrecks, too!


Besides seeing many quokkas, we also saw some lovely peacocks.

After a tiring and rewarding day, we bundled up well on the ferry ride back for the cool ride home as the sun was already setting.

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