Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #10, May 10, 2000 - Part IIa.2
The Perth Zoo

Perth has a very nice zoo.  It is similar in some respects to the Arizona Desert Museum in that it's animals are not kept in cages per se.  Instead, environments that resemble the native habitats of the animals are created.  Not only does it house native animals, but also species from Africa and Asia. We were most interested in the native animals.  These photos were all taken on the Australian Bushwalk exhibit.

One of the habitats was wetlands.  Here we see a beautiful stork.  (It had a nice dance, too!)


On the left, I believe is a cormorant and on the right, sacred ibis.


I don't know what the reptile on the left is, but the crocodile on the right measures 4.5 meters.  He's so big that I thought he was fake until I saw him move!

The dingo is the native dog.


Some marsupials: wallabies and a southern hairy nosed wombat.


Koalas are unbelievably cute!  Their favorite pastime is eating.


The kangaroo on the left is checking on her joey.  The kangaroo roam freely around bushwalk area.  They appear to be quite approachable and quite tame.  We saw many people petting them.  The marsupials on the right are rock wallabies.


These shots show a little of the zoo environments.  All of the "rocks" on the left have been manufactured.  Closest on the left is a rock designed to resemble the "wave rock" which we haven't been to visit yet.  Thomas tells us, it's like the pinnacles, not really worth the long drive to get there, although the photos of it are quite inviting.

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