Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #10, May 10, 2000 - Part IIa.1
The Cohunu Koala Park

We'd grown desparate to see some native wildlife and had thought we'd go to Yanchep National Park.  Thomas suggested that we try the Cohunu Koala Park instead.  He thought we'd find more of what we wanted there.  So, we started off to see it last Wednesday, only to be turned back by the police!  It was believed that there was a gunman loose in the area.  However, it later turned out that the person who claimed to be car jacked and left there by the gunman had been lying.  So, we went back the next day.


Cohunu is geared for all ages.  There are many large statues of various creatures, including dinosaurs.  You can see a peacock in front of a set of very large fighting crabs on the left.  On the right are eagles who are no longer able to fly. Cohunu is a sanctuary for them.


On the left is one of the pelicans and on the right a black swan.  The black swan is native only in Australia.


These birds are not on display, but are rather visitors like ourselves.  The left is a magpie and the ones on the right are parrots.

Cohunu has an aviary.  Here we see a parrot.


The sulfur crested cockatoo on the left is even older than Walt!  He was in a series of cages containing talking birds: "Hello!", "How are you?", and "What cha doing?" could be heard loudly in very funny voices.

The bird on the right is the laughing kookaburra.  I've only heard the stuffed version laugh.  :-)


They provide fruit so that visitors may feed the birds at various times of the day.  The birds know a good thing when they see it!  The ones on the left are lorikeets.  The one on the right looks is a parrot.


Ostrich on the left and emu on the right.  The emu is the second largest flightless bird, next to ostrich.


The animal on the left is an echidna, a spiny backed anteater, and the animals on the right are quokka, another marsupial.

This variety of llama is called an alpaca.  I like their hairdos! :-)


This is after all the Cohunu KOALA Park!  They are the main attraction here, although the koala is not native to Western Australia.  They are really cute, don't you think?


Another feature of the park is the ability to have your photo taken with a koala.  They are soft and cuddly, but quite heavy.  This one is Lucia who weighs 9 kilos.  (Oh, yes, and Walt wore his Zeb's T-shirt for the photos with the koala.  :-) )

G'day, Mate.  (Notice the T-shirt!)  The kangaroos are kept in a large enclosure with some deer and wallabies.  They are not overtly friendly, but neither do they decline feeding, petting or picture taking!


G'day to you, too!


This one is still a joey and had very soft fur!  I spent a lot of time, cuddling with this one!

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10 May 2000