Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #9 - Part II.b, March 23, 2000
Shamwari Animals



On the left are three Impala rams (Thanks, M. Kriek) and on the right a red lechme.



We thought it was strange/funny to see the duck crossing sign when we were at the University of Twente seven years ago. Imagine our reaction to the elephant crossing sign!

Our safari guide spotted elephant on a hillside and took us above them so that we could see them better and would be out of danger of stampede. Alas, while they were not obviously paying attention to us, they kept coming closer. Notice that they are on the "road", between us and out!


Elephant are inordinately fond of prickly pear and will clear it out of any area they are in. The bull on the left is enjoying one.

Remember I was saying that they were coming closer. Well our guide took us up over the next hill to see if we had an alternative way out. There wasn't! And now, the elephant are starting up that hill. We had to wait for them to move a bit away from the "road" and make a run for it!



Can you spot the giraffe on the left? What a thrill it was to see them in the wild!




The ubiquitous vervet monkeys. They are really cute and really quick!



Our guide spotted these 3 male rhinos from quite a distance and they were making the dust swirl by charging each other. By the time we got there, they were grazing again.

These are square nosed white rhino as opposed to round nosed black rhino. The "white" came from a corruption of "wide". You can see the squareness of the nose in the photo on the right.


I've included the photo on the left to give you an idea of how close we were to these animals. On the right, a little scuffle started, but just as abruptly ended.

You can't see any in these pictures, but there were several red billed ox peckers (birds) riding on these rhinos backs eating the parasites such as tics.



We'd seen zebra (pronounced zeb-ra here, not zee-bra) on two other safaris but hadn't been close enough to get any reasonable shots. But, in this case, they were bountiful and close by!

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27 March 2000