Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #8, March 1, 2000
Part VIII - Port Elizabeth

We spent the day in Port Elizabeth before going to the Scotia Game Reserve.

We started at the Port Elizabeth tourism office (in the lighthouse) and walk most of the Donkin Heritage Trail around the city's historical district. Just over the hill is a couple of streets of businesses and not much further, the ocean.


These are two of the buildings featured: on the left, the library and on the right, City Hall.

We were on our way to Fort Frederick, which was built in 1799 to defend the harbor, when I spotted this tree which is typical of many here. I don't know what kind it is. The ocean is visible in the background.


Nor do I know what either of these trees is. The one on the left is enormous (Can you see Walt?) and the one on the right has leaves that look like cabbages. Fort Frederick is semi-visible in the background on the right. (Mici tells me: "The 'enormous' tree on your P.E. page is a Boabab, sometimes called the upside-down tree because when it has no leaves its branches look like a whole lot of roots.")

(According to M. Kriek: "Trees in Port Elizabeth: First a Black Wattle, Acacia mearnsii, inasive species, from Australia. Tree with big support roots, definitely Ficus (Fig), probably Ficus nitida, which is exotic or Ficus sur, which is indigenous. (No Boababs occur here) Plant that looks like cabbages: Don't know, it could be a Cyphostemma that is indigenous to Namibia.")

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2 March 2000