Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #8, March 1, 2000
Part VI - Bathurst

Grahamstown is 45 minutes from the Indian Ocean; the closest point being in Port Alfred. We decided to take a round trip there one Saturday early in our stay.

We stopped in Bathurst on the way for lunch at the Pig & Whislte, a well-know pub, on the way there for fish and chips and a visit with Something, shown above, one of the most well-known canines in South Africa. Not only did he participate in a campaign to raise money for a heart transplant, attended school for the past 3 years (third grade mostly), but he's also appeared on television.

I found a shop that sells wonderful local handicrafts and bought small hand carved ebony animals, batik wall hangings and a wall hanging made from banana leaves. They will be easy to mail home and will make nice gifts.


We visited the Toposcope - not sure what that's supposed to mean. It's a monument that looks like a big termite mound with a stone area around it with a railing that points to a lot of the early (British) settlements in the area. There were 7 township children hanging around singing songs and begging. Anyway, I ended up giving them money to let me take their photo. When I started handing out the coins another one showed up breathlessly with his hands out as well, so I had them all pose again. (They were really cute.)


We also visited a woolen mill, the first in South Africa (1832 - that's when the British really settled in this area.) before continuing to the coast.

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2 March 2000