Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #8, March 3, 2000
Part XI - Local Audition for Arts Festival

If you followed the link to the Grahamstown Foundation page, you saw the Settlers building where Louisa works. Most of the planning for the festivals is done there. The auditions that I attended were in another area of town though.


There were all kinds of acts: singers, dancers, readings, short plays. Here we see a singing and a dancing group.


Here another dance group and a drummeer who was part of a reading. Whichever groups are chosen at this level have an opportunity to work with professionals to "clean up" their acts.



There's a wonderful energy at these events. The audience was fun to watch as well - especially the children.


The girl on the right kind of followed me around as I wandered about the audience.


I tiried to sneak some shots as we were leaving, but as soon as I started taking photos, everyone (including the parents) would group and want me to take their pictures, especially when they found out they could see them immediately on the screen on my digital camera.

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2 March 2000