Nan and Walt's Summer Vacation 2006

When we found out that our dear friend, Erik Verhoeven, was marrying Rachel Zandbergen in the Netherlands on June 29, 2006, we decided to make one more trip to Europe - but only if we could get frequent flyer tickets.  We could, but only if we went for 7 1/2 weeks!  So, on May 28, we took off for Barcelona.  I had been to this delightful city twice before, but Walt had not.

May 29 - June 4 Barclona, Spain

June 4 - June 19 Muchamiel, Alicante, Spain

June 19 - June 24 Austria (Temporarily removed)

June 24 - July 13 The Netherlands

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Author: Nan C. Schaller
Last Updated: July 25, 2007