Nan and Walt's Summer Vacation 2006

Alicante, Spain

June 4 - June 19

We bought first class Eurorail train passes for the first time this summer.  They allowed us to travel on the train 10 days over a two month period.  We ended up only using 6 out of the 10 days but still saved a little.  I'm not sure if we would recommend the pass unless you know you'll be using all 10 days.  Anyway, on June 4 we took the fast train from Barcelona to Alicante Spain.  Our friend André (Andy) Bakkers from the Netherlands has retired there and owns a villa that's probably 10 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. You can see what a paradise it is for yourself! And, it comes complete with Cora and Inga (wonderful dogs)!


Andy and Ingrid's Paradise and Family (Cora and Inga)

Andy's house has a guest apartment in the basement which we had to ourselves for most of our time there.  We also had bicycles to use and rode them to get to the market and for exercise.


"Our" Apartment, Patio, Bicycles and View

There were already guests there when we arrived, but fortunately for us Margot and Bart were staying in their travel trailer and Manfred was staying a guest room in the house.  We had a lot of fun with them, going out to lunch, to the market, to Alicante and to the beach.


At the Beach (L to R: Bart, Margot, Manfred, Walt, Andy, Ingrid)
and Goodbye Party (Clockwise: Nan, Bart, Margot, Ingrid, Andy, Manfred)

Day Trips

For the final weekend we were joined by Gerald Hilderink, a friend from the Netherlands, and his girlfriend, Jose.  One night we went dancing.

Andy and Ingrid  drinks  dancing

Those dancing lessons pay off for some of us!
(Seated Clockwise Nan, Jose, Gerald, Andre, Ingrid and Manfred)

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Author: Nan C. Schaller
Last Updated: August 26, 2006