Nan and Walt's Spring and Summer 2005

We've had a very active spring and summer.

April and May:  The flowers of Highland Park -  Our spring always includes multiple trips to nearby Highland Park with its glorious flowers. We have some magnificent ones as well in our yard.

peonie  poppy  peonie

May 13: Our retirement party along with Peter Anderson - RIT made Walt a medical insurance offer that we weren't certain we could refuse, so we decided to move up our retirement plans by a couple of years.  Our departments threw us a wonderful, party.  It was nice that so many people were able to join us.

Memorial Day weekend: Toronto with Ann and Aiden McNamara- Our friend Ann McNamara had a workshop in Toronto just before Memorial Day weekend.  We joined her and her brother Aiden there for a little tourism and relaxation, including attending a concert by Keane.

Weekend of June 4: Clayton, NY - Walt has taken up radio controlled sailboats in a big way.  His club, the Rochester Area Model Yach Association (RAMYA), were part of the Clayton Antique Boat Museum's open house in early June.  RAMYA held some races and made their boats available for the public to try.  My sister, Karen, is pictured trying one of Walt's boats. The other photos are of the motel where most of the folks stayed.

June 11-18: Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT  - Jack and Adriana Slutsky and Matt Shea joined us for our timeshare week at Trapp Family Lodge.  Here we're wading in the stream to take a look at Moss Glen Falls.  Of course this was an unanticipated wade so we had no walking sticks, water shoes or insect repellant! :-( :-).  Late in the week the weather took a turn for the worse, so we visited the Shelburne Museum, VT with Matt Shea.  The Shelburne Museum is an open air museum on the order of our local Genessee Country Museum.  Walt and I have been passing it for years, but this is our first visit.

June 30-July 8: Bethel, Maine (July) - My sister Karen was able to join us for the second summer in a row for a trip to a time share location.  This time it was in Bethel Maine.  Matt Shea also joined us.  The River View Resort has barely that but it is in a beautiful location.  The river is a short walk away and the resort provides complimentary canoes which we took full advantage of.  We also did a lot of wading in local rivers where Karen and Matt collected LOTS of rocks.  (Matt had to drop Karen's in Rochester and then we arranged for someone else to deliver them to her. :-)) We also did a bit of antiquing and made a trip to Bath, ME where Karen and I went to the ocean (her first time!) while Walt and Matt went to the Maine Maritime Museum.  This was followed by a costly visit to the L.L. Bean outlet in Freeport.  :-)

July 9: 40th Reunion - Nan's 1965 Indian River Central High School (IRCS) graduating class gathered in Alexandria Bay for their 40th reunion.  Our math teacher and principle, Sam Jones, was able to join us.  It was fun to see those who came again and to do a little catching up.  Our graduating class was quite small, around 100, so we had a good turnout.

July 24: The National Museum of the Amerian Indian  in Washington, DC - Nan went to Washington,  DC to review proposals for the National Science Foundation (NSF).  I was booked on an early morning plane with activities starting in the evening and therefore had a free day.  I took advantage of the time to visit the National Museum of the Amerian Indian which opened last year.  It was interesting to see sunflowers and corn growing so close to the capital.  Unfortunately it was a bright sunny day so even with adjustment the contrast is not what I would like.  The building is beautiful and the exhibits are interesting, although there doesn't seem to be as much as I'd expected from the outside as there are lots of wide open space inside.  They also have an EXCELLENT cafeteria.  I apologize for the fuzziness of some of my shots!

September 7:  Matt Shea's Tree House - If you've read this far, you'll have seen mention of Matt Shea.  Matt is in the process of building a tree house for his summer living near Schoharie, NY.  We stopped to see the site and his progress.
I believe there are some 17 trees involved.  A second platform is also planned.

September 8 and 9: Martha's Vineyard - From Matt's we drove to Woods Hole, MA where we spent the night at the Woods Hole Inn.  We took the morning freight ferry to Vineyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard for a two day visit with Carol and Andrew Kitchen and Phoebe the big dog.  Our photos include the "Camp Grounds" in Oak Bluffs, Menemsha, and the Alabama (which grazed the dock knocking off it's anchor!) in Vineyard Haven, along with some of Andrew's pictures of and from the beach area where they stay.  We had stupendous weather, good company, and lots of good food.

September 10-16: Cape Cod - From Martha's Vineyard, we went to Osterville for a visit with Marla Myers whom we hadn't seen in several years.  Marla is in the process of selling her parent's home and renovating her home nearby. Nan especially enjoyed brainstorming with Marla about the new house! We had a lovely visit which included lots of walks (several on the beaches), a visit to Provincetown (where we watched a cormoran trying to catch fish for some time as you'll see) and the Marconi Site, and a visit to the Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis, the Osterville Historical Society's Boat House, and the Toad Hall Classic Sportscar Collection with it's windmills, frogs, and very friendly cats which is located at the Simmons Homestead Inn in Hyannis.

Phew!  And, now we're home until Thanksgiving when we'll visit Stacy in TX....that is assuming Rita has left them a home! (We just heard that a neighbor has phoned saying that all appears to be well!!!!)

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24 September 2005