Programming Language Concepts
Term 20161


Misc.   Syllabus
Lecture 01   Introduction and Overview
Lecture 02   ImpCore (concrete vs. abstract syntax)
Recitation 01   Impcore Programming
Lecture 03   ImpCore (operational semantics)
Recitation 02a   Operational Semantics of Impcore
Lecture 04   Scheme (introduction)
Recitation 03   Scheme Programming (Recursion)
Lecture 05   Scheme (higher-order functions)
Recitation 04   Scheme Programming (Higher-Order Functions and Operational Semantics)
Lecture 07   Standard ML (introduction)
Recitation 05   Standard ML Programming
Recitation 06   Monomorphic Type Systems (Typed Impcore)
Recitation 07   Polymorphic Type Systems (Typed μScheme)
Recitation 08   Smalltalk Programming
Lecture 12   Prolog
Recitation 09   Prolog Programming
Recitation 10   Type Inference
Recitation 11   Control Operators and Reduction Semantics

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