Distributed AI - Spring 20033

4003-590 / 4003-709, section 05

Room 70-2455, TR 4:00-5:50pm

Watch out for robots.

Course Materials

Syllabus and Schedule

Here are a few of the papers I mentioned in class.

1) Brooks: A Robust Layered Control System for a Mobile Robot
2) Pollack: Plans as Complex Mental Attitudes
3) Georgeff, et al: The Belief-Desire-Intention Model of Agency
4) Woolridge and Jennings: Pitfalls of Agent-Oriented Development
5) Mataric: Multi-Robot Task Allocation in Uncertain Environments

Project 2: due Tuesday, Apr. 27 at 11:59pm

This project has two parts.  The first is endowing your soccer players with basic skills.
The second is getting them to work as a team.  On Thursday, Apr. 29, you will be expected
to describe your method of team coordination in class, and discuss the advantages and
disadvantages (theoretical or observed) of the method.

Part 1: Skill competition
Your soccer players must exhibit the following abilities:
1) Dribble the ball to a given location
2) Pass the ball to another player
3) Catch a passed ball
4) Step into the path of another player or ball.

Part 2: Teamwork
You will create a team that pays 3-on-3 soccer.  The team can have any architecture
you like (Reactive, Logical, BDI, hybrid, etc.), but the players must in some way
coordinate their actions.  You do not have to implement corner kicks or other special
soccer plays -- in those situations I will give the ball away as a "drop ball" somewhere
on the playing field.  We'll try playing these teams against each other after your

To submit:
Create a tarball (.tar.gz, or .tgz) including all of your player code, called "player.tar.gz"
Submit via the following command:
% submit mpv-grd rc2 player.tar.gz

Homework 3: due Thursday, Apr. 29, at 4:00pm

1. Woolridge, 12.1
2. Woolridge, 12.2

Michael Van Wie
Rochester Institute of Technology

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