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Database programming:  This is my companyís (RSTís) website.

The human/computer interface.

SQL Links for Student Practice and Reading:





(interactive )


(interactive )

SQLCourse2 course

(interactive, has lower level sibling at )

Kihlman's downloadable sql course.

Downloadable SQL Tutorial, Kihlman's SQL - a graphic SQL tutorial - shareware, has a test. ( interactive after downloaded ) Kihlman's downloadable sql course. Check out Kihlman himself at

TUTSPLUS - Various MySQL-related tutorials

Various types of SQL tutorials aimed for users with varying skills. For example, it covers stored procedures, inner joins, and advanced selects. ( Articles, not interactive )

SQL Tutorial - examples at

Introduction to Structured Query Language ( not interactive )

SQL Tutorial - examples at

SQL Reference & Somewhat like a small book that you would not buy. It has some nice diagrams. However, if you can understand it, it's likely that you should just go to and pick the version of mysql you're working with.

SQL Tutorial - ASP-based sql tutorial with text and examples

Text-based SQL tutorial featuring basic definitions and examples of SQL concepts, syntax and commands. Has a very nice 1-page SQL cheatsheet.

SQL Connectivity - Samples of how to connect using ADO and

Brief list of commands for connecting to various databases using ADO and ADO.NET. Lately, has added connections for MySQL and Oracle. Also features a short database glossary. Presumes some knowledge on the part of the programmer.

More SQL tutorial references

This link has a list of many links to SQL tuturials and support materials. Some are interactive, some not. Some of the same links are here.


Database programming: ( This is my companyís (RSTís) website. )

The human/computer interface.

Reviews for Computing Reviews:

12/13/07†††††† PHP and MySQL by Example)
Quigley E., Gargenta M.   Prentice Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2006. 912 pp.
08/01/06†††††  "Variations on a fuzzy logic gesture recognition algorithm",
Anderson L., Purdy D., Viant W.Proceedings of the 2004 ACM SIGCHI International 
Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, Singapore,  Jun 3-5, 2005, 280-283. 2004.
08/31/04†††††† Beginning SQL Server 2000 DBA: from novice to professional (the expertís voice)
Bain T., Benkovich M., Freeman B., Pavliashvili B., Sack J., APress, 2004. 680 pp.
03/15/04†††††††Logic and Learning,
Lloyd J., Lloyd J.Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., Secaucus, NJ, 2003.
12/04/03†††††  "Filter objects for Java",
Murarka Y., Mascarenhas M., Joshi R.Software.Practice Experience 33(6): 509-522, 2003. 
07/28/03 ††††† "The Syntactic Web",
Karvounarakis G., Christophides V., Brickley D., Miller L., Fuchs M., Biezunski M., 
Newcomb S., Garshol L., Robie J.Markup Languages 3(4): 411-440, 2001. 


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Setting up VPN on Windows Vista to work at RIT:

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CS1 Additional Resources:

Putty and PSCP (Putty Secure Copy) Download and Setup
Putty is a windows executable requiring no installation.
pscp is executed from a command window and requires no installation.

XMing X Server for Windows
XMing is available from, is fast, and is painless to install and use.