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Release 1.11 of Try is Y2K compliant. This release corrects a Y2K error in the construction of the TRY_STARTTIME environment variable. I've also added a PDF version of the User's Guide to the distribution.

The TRY system, which runs under Unix, allows students to test their programs in a controlled manner with the instructor's test data. The system will accept any type of files from the student, and the instructor has great flexibility in determining what is to be tested and how the tests are to be performed. The results of the tests are recorded in a log file for later grading. The instructor can arrange to save the submitted files as well. At no time does the student have direct access to the test data or the log file. The instructor is protected from damage that might be caused by malicious student programs.

Compressed tar file, 175,042 bytes, or zip file, 149,255 bytes


Maketest is a Unix program that allows an instructor to interactively construct tests and quizzes from a previously created pool of items. Multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions are supported. The answers for multiple choice items are added to the test in random order. The test is produced in a form suitable for formatting with n/troff and the -me macros. The program has both a windowed interface (SunView -- I've got to find the time to update this to X11!) and a terminal-oriented interface.

Compressed tar file, 256,093 bytes

Grade Keeping System

The Grade Keeping System, assists instructors in keeping marks and performing calculations on them. The system accepts and stores alphabetic or numeric marks. The work in the course may be broken into different categories, and each category can be calculated differently when computing the final grade. Four types of calculations are supported, averaged, unsorted, sorted, and optional. The mean and the mark distribution for each assignment may be produced. Grade lists may be printed, and the F and Incomplete forms are generated automatically.

Compressed tar file, 95,355 bytes

Lwroff for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Etc/etc/etc

Lwroff version 1.2 is a text formatter extended from troff that produces PostScript output. Other than extensions, all input is processed exactly as with troff. Lwroff extensions include access to all characters on all 35 fonts resident on the Apple LaserWriter II; point sizes from 1 through 255; the ability to use arbitrary length names for macros, number registers and strings; area shading, variable print grayness and color; scaling and rotation; string manipulation; and implementation limits that are either increased or removed.

This package contains lwroff, tbl, and eqn ported to Windows 95/98/NT and later as console (non-GUI) programs. It also includes a copy of the Lwroff user's manual, which describes the extensions.

zip file, 425,984 bytes

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