Project Iron Quilter, 2011
Genesee Valley Quilt Club

These photographs are Copyright © 2011 by Ken Reek. Click on any photo to see a larger image of it.

For those not familiar with Project Iron Quilter, here are the rules:

Mary Wieser's devious plan to distract and confuse the other quilters.
The themes are announced: Joyous, Dancing, Frivolous, Quiet, Dreaming, Poetic, Musical, Childlike, The Diet, and Twittering.
Ruth White displays the yard of cloth she brought from home.
Friends (?) of Kathy Everett.
Selecting fabrics.
I thought there would be more elbows flying at this stage..
So much fabric, so little time!
And when the dust had settled ...
Vickie Coykendall and Mary Wieser are getting organized.
About to begin--aaahh!
Nancy Hicks and Jeanne Simpson were soliciting tips!
Janet Root and Diane Emerson hard at work.
Louise Tiemann working on her tree.
Ruth White collected quite a stash.
Joyce Martelli, Linda Bachman and Nancy Hicks swapping (stealing?) ideas.
Anne Fischer hard at work.
Maureen Jakubson and her stash.
Joyce Martelli cutting up a storm.
Hard at work, just before the lunch break.
Kris Gedeon's progress at the lunch break.
Louise Tiemann's progress at the lunch break--auditioning cloth for the birds.
Anne Fischer's progress at the lunch break.
Diane Enerson's progress at the lunch break.
Nancy Hicks' progress at the lunch break.
Jeanne Simpson's progress at the lunch break.
Kathie Everett's progress at the lunch break.
Kathleen Gaines' progress at the lunch break.
Vickie Coykendall has attracted an audience.
Priscilla Kibbee checks out Linda Bachman's progress.
Back to the fabric table for another grab.
Patty Pizzicato has attracted some fans, too.
Kathie Everett and Kathy Carman are nearing the finish line.
Vital tools of the Iron Quilter.
Dueling ironers: Ann Hawkins and Kathleen Gaines.
Time is running short for Louise Tiemann.
No time now to tidy up the workspace.
Glynis Hunt changed her original design. Some quilts do that to you.
Janet Root does some last minute trimming.
Maureen Jakubson couching yarn to her piece.
Ann Hawkins is finished!
Louise Tiemann is finished!
The crowd admires the quilters' results. It is amazing that they made all of these in only 3 1/2 hours!
The Viewer's Choice award goes to Anne Fischer. Congratulations!
And Best in Show goes to Kathie Everett. Congratulations!
Linda Bachman: Frivolous
Kathy Carman: Dancing
Vickie Coykendall: Twittering
Jessie Drew-Cates: Dancing
Diane Enerson: Dancing
Kathie Everett: The Diet (Best in Show)
Anne Fischer: Joyous (Viewer's Choice)
Kathleen Gaines: Dreaming
Kris Gedeon: Dreaming
Ann Hawkins: Frivolous
Nancy Hicks: Childlike
Glynis Hunt: Dancing
Maureen Jakubson: Dreaming
Joyce Martelli: Dancing
Patty Pizzicato: Joyous
Janet Root: Frivolous
Jeanne Simpson: The Diet
Louise Tiemann: Twittering
Ruth White: Dreaming
Mary Wieser: Frivolous