The Galapagos Islands, March 2007


These photographs and movies are Copyright © 2007 by Ken and Margaret Reek.

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Ann, Margaret & Ken's visit to the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Miami prior to leaving for Ecuador.
Quito, Ecuador and our tour of the city.

This is the route of our cruise abord the M/Y Samba. All the stops for each day are labelled, based on the maps that Juan drew for us. My only guesswork here is for the first stop of day 6--it is either where I've shown it or further south on the same island.

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Day one of our cruise
Day two of our cruise
Day three of our cruise
Day four of our cruise
Day five of our cruise
Day six of our cruise
Day seven of our cruise
Day eight of our cruise
After our cruise in Puerto Ayora