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Hiking in New York State

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A very nice place to hike

A note about our volunteer leaders

These hikes are led by volunteers, who spend their time scouting locations and routes, and then lead us so that we can enjoy hiking in the beautiful state of Colorado. Be sure to thank your leader for the great hike!

We need more volunteers to lead hikes. It isn't difficult, and it is rewarding to contribute to the activity that you enjoy. If you'd like more information, just ask any of the leaders. They'll be glad to help you, or even co-lead a hike with you so you can see first hand what is required.

Topo maps of recent hikes, by date

Background information about the hikes & maps

I carry my GPS (a Garmin 60CSx which is a hiking model, not a car navigation model) with me when I hike (and when I remember it). The GPS saves points as we hike, and I then transfer these points to the National Geographic Topo! program (which, unfortunately, is no longer offered). This program "connects the dots" that the GPS saved and displays the track on top of USGS 7.5' topographic maps. The program also computes an elevation profile showing our vertical progress along the hike.

NOTE: the GPS records positions as we hike, but not every step of the way (a couple hundred positions per mile). Topo!estimates our path from these positions, but this process omits many little zigs and zags that we may have taken. Therefore, the distances given are only approximate, and probably underestimate the actual distance hiked.

For additional technical information on the GPS system, see

Miles in Style

Margaret came up with "Miles in Style" while we were hiking the Finger Lakes Trail in New York. The idea of MIS is to break the day's hike into two parts, and go to a restaurant for lunch in between. The only drawback is that you need two cars. Here's how it works: