RIT Alma Mater
Alernate Lyrics

Hail, RIT! Knee-deep we stand
In waters of this swampy land.
Our parents left us here to rot;
We'll love this place forever -- NOT!

We're now politically correct,
Our creativity's been wrecked.
Autonomy has been removed;
All thoughts must now be pre-approved.

The drunken parties are a sight
Across the campus day and night!
Great quantities of alcohol
That's how we can survive it all.

Psychology, philosophy --
What can this bullshit do for me?
Our sole concern is earning bucks;
This Liberal Arts crap really sucks.

'Midst fired brick and trees and grass
It's easy to blow off a class.
We thank the Lord for W's
The easy path is what we choose.

To RIT our cash has gone,
An endless stream that's five years long.
Before we're even out the door
They call us up to ask for more.

        Another Associate Professor