These photographs are Copyright © 2014 by Ken Reek.

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The town of Ouray Colorado sits in a valley in the Uncomphage National Forest.
Woods Lake State Wildlife Area, to the west of Ouray.
The lake is at the end of a backwoods road (but it is a real road, not merely a jeep trail).
The campground at Woods Lake. Very nice setting!
Low clouds amid the mountains.
An old mine, obviously abandoned.
We happened to hit the fall colors just perfectly (for a change).
The aspens and pines dominate, but we were surprised at the variety of colors we saw.
This creek runs by at least one abandoned mine.
Red Mountain, on the road from Ouray to Silverton and Durango.

The road from Ouray to Silverton goes through the mountains and over Red Mountain Pass, elevation 11,018 feet. Ouray itself is at 7,792 feet.

The road from Ouray to Silverton (US 550) is also called the Million Dollar Highway. There are lots of abandoned mines along the road, but Million Dollar Highway could also describe the scenery.
This is Crystal Lake, just north of Red Mountain Pass. This was gorgeous!
Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake
One of the many abandoned mines visible from the highway.
After Silverton, we continued on the road to Durango.
This hill is outside of Durango. There is a famous narrow-gauge railroad that runs between Durango and Silverton through this spectacular scenery. We haven't ridden on it (yet).
On the way back from Durango to Ouray.
Outside of Durango.
This photo is exactly as it came from the camera. I used a polarizing filter for most of these photos to get the dramatic skies.