Lake Powell, day four


These photographs are Copyright © 2014 by Ken Reek.

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On today's hike, Roger led us to a hanging garden. The trip began with a boat ride past more beautiful formations.
The beginning of our hike.
The hanging garden. These form when water seeps down through the sandstone and encounters a layer of harder stone that is not permeable. The water then follows that layer horizontally until it finally seeps out and supports a garden.
A little pond at the base of the garden, fed by the seep.
This is the first few bowls in a series of bowls ending in a waterfall (when the water is flowing fast, that is).
Our fearless leader!
After our hike, we all cooled off with a swim.
Melodee has this figured out!
So does Doug.
Off to see "Hole In the Rock" where the Mormons built a "road" that helped them cross the canyon. There was no other place to cross for hundreds of miles either way.
This V in the rock is where the road used to be. It was hard to believe that they could get their wagons and livestock down this hill!
A Great Blue Heron hunting near the boat.