Lake Powell, day three


These photographs are Copyright © 2014 by Ken Reek.

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This morning we went for an early hike to see the dinosaur tracks. The morning light on the rocks was beautiful (again).
These are the dinosaur tracks that Roger discovered. He led us right by them and I missed them, but Sal spotted them.
Roger giving a lecture.
Breakfast, before leaving this site.
Retrieving the mooring lines.
While we were moving to our next site, lots of boats sped by us. This helicopter carried someone who was photographing the race.
Boats in the race.
This woman was racing on her jet ski.
These two warbirds flew by us, quite low. Roger was surprised that they had permission to fly down within the canyon. (Perhaps they didn't.)
"Dangling Rope Marina" where we stopped for lunch aboard the Dreamy Days.
Towing the Teal Deal behind the houseboat.
I forget what these steps were for.
Heading in to see "Rainbow Bridge."
Flowers along the path to the arch.
Our first glimpse of the arch, with another arch in the background.
Another dinosaur track!
And we return to Dreamy Days.