Moab, UT & Monument Valley


These photographs are Copyright © 2014 by Ken Reek.

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It had been raining all day, and stopped just as we arrived in Moab. There were waterfalls coming off of all of the mesas in the area--an unusual sight.
On the way to Monument Valley the next day, we saw this balancing rock, called the Mexican Hat.
Starting to get a hint of Monument Valley now.
This is a traditional Navajo hogan that we visited as part of our tour of Monument Valley.
A Navajo woman grinding corn.
This structure was outside of the hogan; it was used during the summer as an escape from the heat, and also when someone was sick.
Driving towards Monument Valley now on our tour.
These are "The Mittens," left and right.
"The Three Sisters," so named because (from the right angle) they look like three nuns.
This guy would ride his horse out on the point so tourists could get pictures. This point was used in many western movies.
When someone dies in a hogan, the structure is considered cursed, and it is abandoned.
This is called "The Boot."
Our tour vehicle.