Tone Reproduction for Virtual Reality Applications

Tone Reproduction for VR Apps
Many VR applica0ons display High Dynamic Range (HDR) scenes and thus require a tone reproduction process in order to be viewed on low dynamic range display devices. Visual adaptation for immersive viewing will differ from that of tradition viewing on a computer monitor, begging the question as to whether tone reproduction methods used for static images and animation are appropriate for use when viewing in real-time immersive environments. The goal of this work is to explore the effects of immersion in determining a suitable tone mapping model for scenes in VR.

  • Anatara Mishra, Dept of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology 
  • Publications
  • Mishra, A. and J. Geigel (2018). Tone Reproduction for Virtual Reality Applications. In: ACM Symposium for Applied Perception (SAP 2018) Posters. SAP 2018. Vancouver, BC, Canada.