Does your browser display
special characters correctly?

The upper half of the Latin-1 character set includes symbols used in English text such as the copyright symbol, some fractions, and a centered dot; plus letters used in other West European languages. It often takes a bit of work to get web browsers to display special characters correctly. In some cases (i.e. the Macintosh version of Netscape) it's impossible.

The table below will help you determine if your browser is displaying these characters correctly. There are 3 ways to invoke each character in HTML: using an entity name such as " &Oacute ", or using a decimal number such as " &#211 ", or using the 8-bit character directly such as " ". This table will test your browser for compliance with all 3 methods.

Items marked *M are the ones displayed incorrectly by Netscape Navigator for Macintosh versions 1 through 4.

hex dec entity description 8-bit &#num; &entity; comment
A0 160 nbsp required space     non-break space
A1 161 iexcl inverted exclamation ¡ ¡
A2 162 cent cent sign ¢ ¢
A3 163 pound pound sign £ £ Sterling
A4 164 curren currency sign ¤ ¤
A5 165 yen yen sign ¥ ¥
A6 166 brvbar broken bar ¦ ¦ *M
A7 167 sect section sign § § (see intro notes)
A8 168 uml umlaut ¨ ¨ umlaut or diaeresis
A9 169 copy copyright sign © ©
AA 170 ordf feminine ordinal ª ª
AB 171 laquo left angle quotes « « guillemet L
AC 172 not logical not sign ¬ ¬
AD 173 shy soft hyphen ­ ­
AE 174 reg registered trademark ® ® (this is not "TM"!)
AF 175 macr spacing macron ¯ ¯ overbar
B0 176 deg degree sign ° °
B1 177 plusmn plus-minus sign ± ±
B2 178 sup2 superscript 2 ² ² *M
B3 179 sup3 superscript 3 ³ ³ *M
B4 180 acute spacing acute ´ ´
B5 181 micro micro sign µ µ
B6 182 para pilcrow paragraph sign
B7 183 middot middle dot · ·
B8 184 cedil spacing cedilla ¸ ¸
B9 185 sup1 superscript 1 ¹ ¹ *M
BA 186 ordm masculine ordinal º º
BB 187 raquo right angle quotes » » guillemet R
BC 188 frac14 one quarter ¼ ¼ *M
BD 189 frac12 one half ½ ½ *M
BE 190 frac34 three quarters ¾ ¾ *M
BF 191 iquest inverted question mark ¿ ¿
C0 192 Agrave A grave À À
C1 193 Aacute A acute Á Á
C2 194 Acirc A circumflex  Â
C3 195 Atilde A tilde à Ã
C4 196 Auml A diaeresis Ä Ä
C5 197 Aring A ring Å Å
C6 198 AElig AE ligature Æ Æ
C7 199 Ccedil C cedilla Ç Ç
C8 200 Egrave E grave È È
C9 201 Eacute E acute É É
CA 202 Ecirc E circumflex Ê Ê
CB 203 Euml E diaeresis Ë Ë
CC 204 Igrave I grave Ì Ì
CD 205 Iacute I acute Í Í
CE 206 Icirc I circumflex Î Î
CF 207 Iuml I diaeresis Ï Ï
D0 208 ETH ETH Ð Ð *M
D1 209 Ntilde N tilde Ñ Ñ
D2 210 Ograve O grave Ò Ò
D3 211 Oacute O acute Ó Ó
D4 212 Ocirc O circumflex Ô Ô
D5 213 Otilde O tilde Õ Õ
D6 214 Ouml O diaeresis Ö Ö
D7 215 times multiplication sign × × *M
D8 216 Oslash O slash Ø Ø
D9 217 Ugrave U grave Ù Ù
DA 218 Uacute U acute Ú Ú
DB 219 Ucirc U circumflex Û Û
DC 220 Uuml U diaeresis Ü Ü
DD 221 Yacute Y acute Ý Ý *M
DF 223 szlig sharp s ß ß
E0 224 agrave a grave à à
E1 225 aacute a acute á á
E2 226 acirc a circumflex â â
E3 227 atilde a tilde ã ã
E4 228 auml a diaeresis ä ä
E5 229 aring a ring å å
E6 230 aelig ae ligature æ æ
E7 231 ccedil c cedilla ç ç
E8 232 egrave e grave è è
E9 233 eacute e acute é é
EA 234 ecirc e circumflex ê ê
EB 235 euml e diaeresis ë ë
EC 236 igrave i grave ì ì
ED 237 iacute i acute í í
EE 238 icirc i circumflex î î
EF 239 iuml i diaeresis ï ï
F0 240 eth eth ð ð *M
F1 241 ntilde n tilde ñ ñ
F2 242 ograve o grave ò ò
F3 243 oacute o acute ó ó
F4 244 ocirc o circumflex ô ô
F5 245 otilde o tilde õ õ
F6 246 ouml o diaeresis ö ö
F7 247 divide division sign ÷ ÷
F8 248 oslash o slash ø ø
F9 249 ugrave u grave ù ù
FA 250 uacute u acute ú ú
FB 251 ucirc u circumflex û û
FC 252 uuml u diaeresis ü ü
FD 253 yacute y acute ý ý *M
FE 254 thorn thorn þ þ *M
FF 255 yuml y diaeresis ÿ ÿ