Resources for Women in Computing and Informatics

When Charles Babbage was doing a paper design of his second calculating machine, the Analytical Engine, he ended up corresponding with a mathematician who quickly saw its promise as a general-purpose computing machine. Her name was the Countess Ada Byron Lovelace, and she is widely credited as being the first programmer, back in the middle of the 19th century.

More than a century later, when ENIAC, the world's first computer, went on line at the University of Pennsylvania, all six of its programmers were women.

While the percentage of college-educated professionals that are female has in general been rising, the proportion in IT (outside of data entry) has been falling.

It is in the interest of reversing this trend that I am providing this resource page. If anyone finds a good web site, or reads a good article, relevant to this issue, please let me know, and I will post it here. (Maybe I'll set up a comment page someday where people can express their opinions on the reason for the disparity?)


James Heliotis


Title Author Date Publisher/
Comments, if any
paper collection (PDF) Lenore Blum 1995-present   discussion of CMU's push
to achieve gender balance
IT Gender Gap Widening Drew Robb 6 Jan 2003 IT Management  
The Anatomy of Interest:
Women in Undergraduate Computer Science
Jane Margolis, Allan Fisher, and Faye Miller 6 Jan 2003 Women's Quarterly Studies, 2000: 1&2 Looks at differences in ways computers interest young students 

Web Sites

RIT Project EDGE (a completed project) Computing Research Assocication
Women in Technology International IEEE Women in Engineering Committee
Assoc. for Women in Computing ACM Committee on Women in Computing
Rice U. GirlTECH (younger audience) Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Institute for Women and Technology Carnegie Mellon's Gender Papers
Information Technology Association of America Women at CS/Carnegie-Melon U.