Polygon Fill Resources


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Internet Sites:

  1. The Polygon Primeval:

    (Journal notes on Michael Abrash's documentation on polygon filling) This site contains a general overview of polygons and the scan-line method of fill.

  2. Simplified Scan-line Polygon Fill Algorithm:

    (Carelton College notes) Just the basic scan-line polygon fill algorithm is here.

  3. Other Fill Methods:

    (Computer Graphics course notes at Georgia Tech.) This includes Flood Fill, Boundary Fill, and 4-connected vs. 8-connected.

  4. Drawing Solid Polygons:

    This site also touches on pattern filling of polygons.

  5. Polygon Scan Conversion:

    (Intro. to Computer Graphics course notes at Stanford) This site discusses scan-line conversion and clipping.

  6. Of course, you can always do a search at Yahoo!

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