Honors Analysis of Algorithms (CSCI-264), Fall 2016-17

Instructor:   Ivona Bezakova, email: my_initials@cs.rit.edu (please replace my_initials with ib)
Class meets:   Tu/Th 5:00-6:15pm, room (GOL)-1435

Office hours (tentative), when classes are in session: Tuesday/Thursday 11am-12pm and 3:20-4pm, office (GOL)-3645, plus 10 minutes after class each day
Tutoring center: schedule, staffed by students who took (and performed well in) theory-related courses in recent years

0. Homework and Reading Assigments

For information about topics covered in class, reading and homework assignments, follow this link.

1. Prerequisites

MATH-190 (Discrete Mathematics for Computing) and CSCI-243 (The Mechanics of Programming) or equivalent courses

2. Text

Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos.
The assignments webpage (that will contain slides from the lectures): http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ib/Classes/CSCI264_Fall16-17/assignments.html
Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein, 3rd ed. is a great text for further reading (optional).

3. Course description and intended learning outcomes.

This course provides a challenging introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithmic research. It covers a variety of classical algorithms and data structures and their complexity, as well as deeper coverage of more advanced material; for example, linear programming, approximation algorithms, and randomized algorithms. The course will equip students with the intellectual tools to design, analyze, implement, and evaluate their own algorithms.

Intended learning outcomes:

4. Grading Policy Grading scale: 88%-100%: A grades (91%-100% A, 88%-91% A-), 77%-88%: B grades (85%-88% B+, 80%-85% B, 77%-80% B-), 66%-77%: C grades (74%-77% C+, 69%-74% C, 66%-69% C-), 55%-66%: D, 0%-55%: F.
However, your overall grade cannot be more than one letter better than your average exam grade. Moreover, average exam grade F results in failing the class.

5. Topics 6. Technical issues