MS Thesis/Project Seminar

Instructor:   Ivona Bezakova, email: (please replace my_initials with ib)
Class meets:   Th 6:00-7:50pm, room GOL(70)-3640
Office hours (tentative):   Mondays 2-3pm, Tuesdays 11am-12pm, and Thursdays 4-6pm, office 70-3645

1. Course description

The goal of this course is for students to become acquainted with the skills and practices needed for carrying out research and development projects in Computer Science, and to create a preliminary plan for completing their own MS project or thesis. Relevant skills include performing targeted literature searches, writing technical documents (papers, project reports and theses), and designing programs (projects) or experiments and/or proofs (theses). Over the course of the quarter, students will find a faculty advisor who will oversee the completion of their MS thesis or project, and work with the advisor, the course instructor, and other students in the course to develop a preliminary research project or thesis proposal, known as a 'pre-proposal.'

2. Pre-proposal guidelines

A pre-proposal is a 1-2 page document summarizing the following:

Ideally, each of the above items is described in a paragraph. (With some flexibility, of course. For example, the motivation often fits well with description of the related works.) Developing a meaningful pre-proposal requires a great deal of effort. Set aside a number of hours each week to work on it and actively coordinate with your faculty advisor.

2. Text

Zobel, Justin. Writing for Computer Science, 2nd edition. London: Springer-Verlag, 2004.
This webpage:

3. Assignments

For weekly assignments and other updates, follow this link.

4. Grading The following items contribute to your grade: 5. Other materials

Professors Zanibbi and Bailey have gathered many useful resources, including LaTeX templates and sample pre-proposals, projects, and theses. Here are the links to their MS seminar websites: