Computer Science 2

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This webpage contains information and supplemental material specific to our section.

Instructor:   Ivona Bezakova,   email:  here.
Class meets:   Mo/Tu   8-10am,   room 70-ICL5
Office hours:   Mo   3-5pm,   Tu   10am-12pm, office 70-3645


Class materials

Week 10:
The intellectual property slides (in ppt): a
link to the main CS2 webpage
Our section's final review notes

Week 9: Networking notes (in ppt),,
Reading material: Chapter 25 (networking).

Week 8: (checking if a button has been clicked), (mouse events), (counts number of clicks using a private listener - example of a private class), (counts number of clicks using an anonymous listener).
Reading material: Chapter 14 (listeners / event handling).

Week 7: (adding a single component onto a frame),,,, (the microwave example. (listing elements from a map), (deadlock of two threads), (opens a frame), (adds a panel to a frame, draws on the panel with overriden paintComponent() method).
Reading material: Chapters 12 and 13 (GUI and graphics).

Week 6:,,,,,
newly added
Reading material: Chapter 24 (Multithreading), more specifically 24.1-4, 24.9 (this webpage provides code samples which do not use executor), 24.11 (mostly 24.11.1, you do not have to know the `locks', see code above), 24.12 and 24.15.

Week 5:,,,,,
Reading material: Chapter 21 (Generics, you may skip the optional subsections)

Weeks 3 and 4:,,
Reading material: Chapter 17 (Exceptions, you may skip the optional subsections), Sections 8.7-8 (text files, also check Lab4), Section 18.1-4 (binary files).

Week 2, Tuesday:, (interface), (exceptions)
Reading material: Section 10.4 - Interfaces, Sections 17.1, 17.2 - Introduction to exception handling.

Week 1 and Monday of week 2: (abstract class),,
Reading material: Chapter 9 - Inheritance (you may skip 9.10 and the optional sections), Sections 10.1, 10.2 - Abstract classes and methods.

Instructor notes from other sections

A disclaimer: the topics covered in our section might slightly deviate from other sections.