Computer Science 2

Sections 01 and 02 are co-taught by Professor Tymann and me.

The main CS2 webpage is at

Instructors:   Ivona Bezakova (email), and Professor Tymann
Section 01 meets:   Mo/Tu/We   10-10:50am,   room 70-3435
Section 02 meets:   Mo/Tu/We   4-4:50pm,   room 70-3435
Tutoring center: open almost constantly - check the schedule on their door
Office hours:   Tu   1-3pm,   Th   10am-12pm, office 70-3645
Professor Tymann's CS2 webpage (contain e.g. slides under "Schedule"):


Class Materials
Professor Tymann's slides and examples.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Event Handling