Computer Science 1

-2. Final/project announcements

-1. Class materials
0. Announcements

1. Location and getting help

Class meets:   Mo/Tu/Th   8:00am - 9:50am,   room 70-ICL5 (Mo/Tu), room 70-ICL6 (Th)
Office hours:   Tu/We   1 - 3pm, office 70-3645 (Ivona Bezakova)
Tutoring center:

2. Materials

Text: Introduction to JAVA programming, sixth edition, by Y. Daniel Liang.
This webpage:
Useful link to general CS1 studio webpage.

3. Grading policy

The following are extracts from the general CS1 studio webpage, along with information specific to this class (dates of quizzes, etc.).
With both the labs and quizzes, zero given for cheating cannot be dropped. There are no makeups on quizzes or labs. You may dispute your grade within one week of receiving it (generally a week after the quiz or lab due).