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Manual page for UUCLEAN(8C)

uuclean - uucp spool directory clean-up


/usr/lib/uucp/uuclean [ -m ] [ -ddirectory ] [ -ntime ] [ -ppre ]


uuclean scans the spool directory for files with the specified prefix and deletes all those which are older than the specified number of hours.


Clean the indicated spool directory.
Send mail to the owner of the file when it is deleted.
Files whose age is more than time hours are deleted if the prefix test is satisfied (default time is 72 hours).
Scan for files with pre as the file prefix. Up to 10 -p arguments may be specified. A -p without any pre following deletes all files older than the specified time.

uuclean will typically be started by cron.8


directory with commands used by uuclean internally
spool directory


uucp.1c uux.1c cron.8

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